To Eat: A Country Life by Joe Eck and Wayne Winterrowd

to eat

The owners of a New England Garden called North Hill on seven acres of land is looked back on by the authors. You may have read Wayne Winterrowds columns in Horticulture magazine or read some of the couple’s other books.

I read little non-fiction but I love gardening books. I enjoy the pictures of beautiful plants and gardens as everyone does, but sometimes the garden writer will be absolutely lyrical in their descriptions of plants and their habits. That is the case in To Eat, a Country Life. We have histories of vegetables both in their own garden and in the world generally. We hear how sauteeing fresh sweet brussel sprouts in a bit of butter is beyond imagining.

“But to us lettuce is like bread…one can never see too much of it, or too often…the taste of lettuce is rich in itself, or many richnesses, if one learns to discriminate.”

There, you wish you were growing some lettuce, don’t you?

This is the story of the authors 40 some years together making a homestead, perfecting their planting techniques, living a farming life. It is illustrated by delicate line drawings.

A wonderful book to read on a summer’s evening after spending time in your own garden, and something to take off the shelf again in winter to feel as if summer never leaves us.


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