Test Just a Test

Author Title Series Website
Bradbury, Ray Something Wicked This   Way Comes http://www.raybradbury.com/
Crider, Bill Compound Murder Sheriff Dan Rhodes http://www.billcrider.com/
Hart, Erin The Book of Killowen Nora   Gavin/Cormac Maguire crime novels http://www.erinhart.com/
King, Laurie Garment of Shadows Mary Russell Mysteries http://www.laurierking.com/
Faye, Lindsey The Gods of Gotham Timothy Wilde Mysteries http://www.lyndsayfaye.com/
Bowen, Rhys The Family Way Molly Murphy Mysteries http://rhysbowen.com/books/molly-murphy-mysteries/
Cherryh, C. J. Protector Foreigner http://www.cherryh.com/

I’d like to add tables to my blog with nicely arranged lists. I think this works fine. I created the list in a Word Table (2010) saved it as Rich Text. Copied/pasted it here in the Visual Tab. To add this text to the post I switched to the Text tab. Sounds easy but tricksy city. I know zero HTML, but, can I get around my ignorance to do what I want? Maybe yes!


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