The Final Descent Rick Yancey

final descent

The Final Descent is the last book in the Monstrumologist series. I was so overcome with emotion after I finished the previous book Isle of Blood I couldn’t write about it, and I think I just have to keep moving and not look back.

The Final Descent could refer to many things. For me, it was the final descent of Will Henry, that sweet sweet child, into something less than human. He did not morph into a monster or anything, but book by book he lost his humanity. While the Monstrumologist himself was able to do his work and remain at his core a very decent (though ruthlessly scientific) person, Will Henry lost that core somewhere along the way. I am certain it was in the Curse of the Wendigo, when he stepped over a crying abandoned baby in a house of horror and moved onward towards his purpose for being there, to find and destroy the Wendigo. He put his need to serve and protect the Monstrumologist above all henceforth.

Here at the end of these fantastic stories, Will hates the Monstrumologist, and loves him. The Monstrumologist reverts to the helpless lonely child he always was, and Will Henry, also helpless and lonely seals both of their fates.

Books in the series:

The Monstrumologist
The Curse of the Wendigo
The Isle of Blood
The Final Descent

Rick Yancey’s Page


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