Welcome to 2014!

I have a nice year of reading ahead of me. I think I felt a little guilty spending time reading after I retired because I felt I should be sooo productive and reading is all fun. When I read I tend to get lost for hours, and especially if I’m in the last 50 pages of a book I am all too willing to turn a blind eye to the world around me for the world inside of a good book. I’m not feeling guilty about that anymore. No sir. See the new relaxed me.


I have a huge pile of unread books on my shelves, I’m buying books rather than getting them at the library. I just like having my own pristine copy that hasn’t been stained and manhandled by some barbarian. Ebooks are a good cure to this, (an eBook showeth no stains) and are available from libraries, but their selection of eBooks isn’t what I want to read. So needer.


I have this site linked to my Goodreads and will post things there, but I am very uncomfortable with the whole giving stars part of the process. I glance at them myself on Amazon but I read so many author comments where they’re just bummed that someone gave them fewer stars than they wished for or an unfavorable review. I just want to share good reading, not be some evaluator. So I’ll give 5 or no stars perhaps, and if I don’t care for a book I just will note I read it but won’t write anything about it. That may make for guilt free reading and recommending all around.

books unread

Happy Reading!


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