Answer Merlyn’s First Line Rebus Week of February 22

From Naomi Novik’s His Majesty’s Dragon:

The deck of the French ship was slippery with blood, heaving in the choppy sea; a stroke might as easily bring down the man making it as the intended target.

Merlyn Rebus Week of February 22

His Majesty’s Dragon is the first novel in the Temeraire series set in alternate Napoleonic Wars time.

His Majestys Dragon

Books in the series are:

His Majesty’s Dragon
Throne of Jade
Black Powder War
Empire of Ivory
Victory of Eagles
Tongues of Serpents
Crucible of Gold
Blood of Tyrants
League of Dragons 2016

Visit Naomi Novik’s site for more of her books:

Naomi Novik


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