Answer Merlyn’s First Line Rebus Week of March 7

Merlyn Rebus Week of March 7

From Carola Dunn’s Death At Wentwater Court:

He’ll come to a bad end, mark my words, and she won’t lift a finger to stop him.

The Daisy Dalrymple mysteries begin in 1923 England. Daisy has noble blood, but foregoes that life to be a journalist for a magazine. If you’re in withdrawl from Downton Abbey’s end, this a great series for immersing yourself in that world, but with more mystery and adventure.

Death at Wentwater Court

The Daisy Dalrymple Books:

Death At Wentwater Court (1994)
2.The Winter Garden Mystery (1995)
3.Requiem For A Mezzo (1996)
4.Murder On The Flying Scotsman (1997)
5.Damsel In Distress (1997)
6.Dead In The Water (1999)
7.Styx And Stones (1999)
8.Rattle His Bones (2000)
9.To Davy Jones Below (2001)
10.The Case Of The Murdered Muckraker (2002)
11.Mistletoe And Murder (2002)
12.Die Laughing (2003)
13.A Mourning Wedding (2004)
14.Fall Of A Philanderer (2005)
15.Gunpowder Plot (2006)
16.The Bloody Tower (2007)
17.Black Ship (2008)
18.Sheer Folly (2009)
19.Anthem For Doomed Youth (2011)
20.Gone West (2012)
21.Heirs of the Body (2013)
22.Superfluous Women (2015)

Visit Carola Dunn:

Carola Dunn Daisy


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