Perilous Reads

I follow so many great authors on Facebook, partially because they are so enjoyable as individuals, and partially because it is a wonderful way to keep on top of what is new and upcoming. It has been my intention to note them here, but I rarely get past “liking” their post. Tsk. I’m going to try to be more organized about it. As you suspect this involves making a Word Table or Excel Sheet that I can have handy and I’ll jot down things as they come up, and post at least weekly my grand finds. Right?

winky face

Good intentions.

good intentions

Railhead by Philip Reeve comes out April 1st.

railhead cover

Reeve is the author of the fantastic Mortal Engines series and my personal favorite series by him, the Fever Crumb books. He has a great blog post talking about how he set out to write an epic space adventure and ended up with a railway through the stars.

My loyal DOA blog commenter and Facebook pal Kaye George has two novels coming out in April.

Requiem in Red is the second in her Cressa Carraway series.

requiem in red

She also writes the Fat Cat series, the third of which comes out in April as well. Fat Cat Takes the Cake writing as Janet Cantrell:

fat cat takes the cake

Busy lady that she is, her second novel in the People of the Wind series Death on The Trek comes out in June. She let me have an early sneak peek at this one. I love the characters and their world so much. This one is so good. I’m not sure it has a cover yet.

In case you wonder how an author can juggle multiple series in this way, she has an interview on the Stiletto Gang blog to answer your questions.

I read and enjoy the Inspector Rebus novels by Ian Rankin. They’re set in a very grim and gritty modern day Scotland. I really enjoy the Inspector though the topics of urban crime aren’t my usual favored topics. I can’t put my finger on why I like the character so much. I haven’t read all of them yet, but who knows, I may catch up by November when his latest adventures come out in “Rather Be The Devil”.

ian rankin rather be the devil

Rather be the Devil

Lurlene McDaniel, the prolific writer of teen tales of woe, has a new novel in June called Losing Gabriel: A love story

losing gabriel

As a YA librarian for 17 years I read and still read a great deal of YA. However, I tend to read the same genres in children’s and YA as I read in adult books, so romance and other typical teen topics don’t get in my reading pile unless, you know, someone is murdered or a spaceship takes a load of teens away somewhere. Still, I love love this author for being a source of reading pleasure for tons of teens, some of whom may not have been readers otherwise. She was always one of the most popular teen authors, hard to keep in stock, all the books always worn to pieces. Ideal!

Garth Nix’s fifth book in the Old Kingdom series Goldenhand comes out in October. He has several series, but my heart is with this one, which begins with Sabriel.


garth nix Old Kingdom

Old favorite (of mine) Victoria Thompson’s latest Gaslight Mystery is Murder in Morningside Heights which comes out in May. These follow a detective and a midwife who unexpectedly have a fine penchant for solving murders together. Set in 19th Century New York City, it is always a welcome glimpse into the lives of the poor and the wealthy of the time.

murder in morningside heights

I have a few more to write about, but these will keep you busy till the next post. Happy reading!


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