Answer Merlyn’s First Line Rebus Week Of March 21

Merlyn first line rebus week of March 21

From Charles Finch’s The Fleet Street Murders

It was late in the evening, and a thin winter rain beat down over London’s low buildings and high steeples, collecting in sallow pools beneath the streetlights and insinuating its way inside the clothes of the miserable few whom fate had kept outside.

The Fleet Street Murders is the third book in the Charles Lenox Mysteries series. Set in London and the English countryside in the late 1800s, these novels are like stepping into the past. If you’ve visited London or Oxford you will recognize the places, and the feel of the world. Lenox is supposed to be a bit Holmes-like in his ability to observe and solve mysteries, but I don’t think that is overdone. There is a really deep humanity and decency to Lenox that is probably not typical for someone of his class and time that makes his adventures a pleasure to read.

Fleet Street Murders Cover

A Beautiful Blue Death (2007)
The September Society (2008)
The Fleet Street Murders(2009)
A Stranger in Mayfair (2010)
A Burial at Sea (2011)
An East End Murder (2011)
A Death in the Small Hours (2012)
An Old Betrayal (2013)
The Laws of Murder (2014)
Home by Nightfall (2015)


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