Answer Merlyn’s First Line Rebus Week of March 28

Merlyn First Line Rebus Week of March 28

From Tad William’s short story collection The Very Best of Tad Williams the first line of his story The Old Scale Game is:

Flee or be broiled to crackling!

very best of Tad Williams

Tad Williams

From his page, here are his works:

MEMORY, SORROW AND THORN◾Book 1: The Dragonbone Chair (Hardcover 1988, Paperback 1989, Unabridged Digital Audiobook[UK], 2015)
◾Book 2: Stone of Farewell (Hardcover 1990, Paperback 1991, Unabridged Digital Audiobook[UK], 2015)
◾Book 3: To Green Angel Tower (Hardcover 1993)
Book 3 was split into 2 parts for paperback publication (1994):
◾To Green Angel Tower, Part 1 and To Green Angel Tower, Part 2 (US Edition, Unabridged Digital Audiobook[UK], 2016)
◾To Green Angel Tower: Siege and To Green Angel Tower: Storm (UK edition, Unabridged Digital Audiobook[UK], 2016)

◾Novelette: “The Burning Man” (Legends, ed. by Robert Silverberg) 1998
◾Graphic Novel: The Burning Man (published with The Wood Boy by Raymond Feist, 2005)
OTHERLAND◾Book 1: City of Golden Shadow (Hardcover 1996, Paperback 1998, Unabridged Digital Audiobook, 2014)
◾Book 2: River of Blue Fire (Hardcover 1998, Paperback 1999, Unabridged Digital Audiobook, 2014)
◾Book 3: Mountain of Black Glass (Hardcover 1999, Paperback 2000, Unabridged Digital Audiobook, 2015)
◾Book 4: Sea of Silver Light (Hardcover 2001, Paperback 2002, Unabridged Digital Audiobook, 2015)
◾Novelette: “The Happiest Dead Boy in the World” (Legends II, ed. by Robert Silverberg, 2004)
◾Novelette: “The Boy Detective of OZ” (Oz Reimagined: New Tales from the Emerald City and Beyond, ed. John Joseph Adams & Douglas Cohen, 2013) Also available as a Kindle Single.
SHADOWMARCH◾Book 1: Shadowmarch (Hardcover 2004, Trade Paperback 2005, Mass-Market Paperback 2006, Unabridged Audiobook 2010)
◾Book 2: Shadowplay (Hardcover, 2007, Trade Paperback 2008, Mass-Market Paperback 2009, Unabridged Audiobook 2010)
◾Book 3: Shadowrise (Hardcover, 2010, Trade Paperback 2010, Unabridged Audiobook 2010, Mass-Market Paperback, 2011,
◾Book 4: Shadowheart (Hardcover, 2010, Unabridged Audiobook 2010, Trade Paperback 2011, Mass-Market Paperback 2012)
Young-adult, written with Deborah Beale (his wife)◾Book 1: The Dragons of Ordinary Farm (Hardcover, June 2009)
◾Book 2: The Secrets of Ordinary Farm (eBook, August 2011)
◾Book 3: The Heirs of Ordinary Farm (work-title, forthcoming)
Noir fantasy thrillers◾Book 1: The Dirty Streets of Heaven (Hardcover 2012, Unabridged Digital Audiobook, 2012, Paperback 2013)
◾Book 2: Happy Hour in Hell (Hardcover 2013, Unabridged Digital Audiobook, 2013, Paperback 2014)
◾Book 3: Sleeping Late on Judgement Day (Hardcover 2014, Unabridged Digital Audiobook, 2014, Paperback 2015)
◾Novella: “God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlepig” (E-Book original, 2014)

◾Tailchaser’s Song (Hardcover 1985, Paperback 1986)
◾Child of an Ancient City (Paperback 1992, written with Nina Kiriki Hoffman)
◾Caliban’s Hour (Hardcover 1994, Audio Cassette 1995, Paperback 1995)
◾The War of the Flowers (Hardcover 2003, Paperback 2004)

◾Rite: Short Work (Hardcover, 2006) Subterranean Press. Published in January 2007.
◾Rite: Short Work (Trade Paperback, May 2008) Subterranean Press/Far Territories. Reprint of the limited hc edition without the non-fiction pieces. The reprint only contains the short stories.
◾A Stark and Wormy Knight (Hardcover, 2012)
◾Diary of a Dragon (Chapbook, 2013)
This is a special signed edition limited to 750 numbered copies.
◾The Very Best of Tad Williams (Trade Paperback, 2014)

◾Mirrorworld 2 issues. Series was cancelled after two issues when the publisher went out of business.
◾The Next 6 issue mini-series published by DC Comics. Published between July and December 2006.
◾Aquaman: Sword of Atlantis published by DC Comics. Williams replaced writer Kurt Busiek with issue #50 in March 2007. His run lasted till issue #57 when the comic was cancelled.
◾Ibis the Invincible: The Helmet of Fate one-shot published by DC Comics in 2007.


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