Lockwood & Co. The Whispering Skull by Jonathan Stroud

Whispering skull

Despite the successful conclusion to the Combe Carey Hall adventure in Lockwood and Co. The Screaming Staircase, the team of Anthony Lockwood, George Cubbins and Lucy Carlyle are not getting as many new cases as they’d like. In fact, their neatly uniformed rivals from the Fittes Agency keep stealing work sites right out from under them.

When Sweet Dreams Excavations comes knocking, asking for help with an unusual grave, Lockwood and Company think they’ll have a solid case all of their own. They simply need to go in, secure the grave and its inhabitant. All in a night’s work.

Kensal Green

In this grave, suspiciously unrecorded in any archives, the burial obviously shallowly dug and in a hurry, they find not only a corpse but something else. Something dangerously strong, capable of changing those who look upon it in moments. The site must be closed down and DEPRAC (The Department of Psychic Research and Control) called in. Unfortunately, that isn’t done till morning and there is a bold robbery in the dark hours of the night. The corpse remains, but the object is gone. Soon the area is swarming with DEPRAC officials and the ever present Fittes Agents, called in to assist.

Kensal Green Map

So begins a race between the agencies to find the forbidden object, a mirror made from the bones of seven men which kills those who look in it. In their toughest case yet, Lockwood and Co. try to outsmart everyone, to not only get credit for the case but to win a bet against the despised Fittes agents.

In a London where The Problem released the shades of the dead in many forms from their graves, and only children go out at night to try to contain the spirits, Lockwood and Co. operate brilliantly but with few resources. Can they win the day when one of their own may be unwittingly working against them?

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