Monthly Wrapup

Things are looking up for the blog. Did I have five total posts last year? Yikes! My goal for 2018 is to have one hundred posts for the year. This figured out to be 8 posts a month. Although my blog calendar has flipped over to February, it’s only 8pm or so on the 31st as I write this. So six posts for January alone! I’m certain to make my goal this time.

I noticed my “about” page was a top post and hadn’t realized it was empty of any information at all. Oops! I’ve filled it in with all the pertinent information about me as a reader.

My Merlyn Perilous picture/icon is my Lord of the Rings Online character Merlyn and the whole Merlyn Perilous idea springs from her adventures in Middle Earth.

I’ve yet to update Good Reads with any new information. I’ll need to do that, I’m just not going to sign up for the “I’ll read 1000 books this year” program. It does provide another way to share my love of my favorite authors.

Thanks for stopping by, Merlyn