The 2018 British Books Challenge

I like to look at Book Challenges, because there are some fun ones out there. They’re pretty rampant this time of year. As we know I failed miserably getting my reading recorded in Goodreads last year and thus failed the 50 book challenge I set for myself. I’m going to be cannier this time around. The purpose of reading challenges as far as I’m concerned, is to have fun, and to find enjoyable new books and authors. I keep seeing the phrase “read harder”. No. It isn’t supposed to be hard. It is supposed to be illuminating, thrilling, enthralling.

Via Bookriot, you can try the 2018 British Books Challenge. You need only read 12 books for the year from a British author, new or old. How easy is that? If you read Mysteries, you’ll almost certainly find 12 good books to read.

The actual challenge is hosted by the very cool looking Tales of Yesterday Blog You can sign up for the challenge on her site and she’ll draw monthly winners for those submitting their reads.


Reading Challenges For 2017


While beginning my search for blogs and sites with Reading Challenges for 2017 I found a spectacular list from called The Master List of 2017 Reading Challenges.

I personally will be looking at the challenges for Mystery, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Children’s and Young Adult since those are where my reading interests lie. I may also start reading some Historical Fiction this year since I have become such a fan of Historical Mysteries, perhaps I can enjoy history in yet another fictional way.

girlxoxo linked to another site Reading Challenge Addict, so if you find yourself immersed in all of the possibilities of these challenges, you can get even more ideas.


Note: I signed up for the Goodreads Challenge to read 50 books, and I’ve placed the Goodreads Widget on my sidebar. Let the reading begin!