Artemis Andy Weir

It took me a little bit to get into this one, because it reminded me so much of Heinlein’s Podkayne of Mars. Luckily, once you’re past the first part of the novel, Jasmine Bashara is no Podkayne. She’s a scrappy super agent, with an intellect she uses reluctantly at times. When she does use it, she’s amazing, and can outsmart pretty much everyone.

As small time smuggler in Artemis, the only existing lunar colony, Jazz knows her way around every dome and has lots of connections. Her troubles begin when she takes on a larger job for a sometime customer who is wealthy, but wants a great deal more.

Life in the closed dome society of Artemis is as scientifically fascinating as you’d expect from Andy Weir. You see how it could be built, and become a tourist mecca, and yet be a very spare society for it’s citizens. The danger of fire and the destruction of the colony is a constant. Contact with earth, and the moving of materials and supplies between earth and moon is painfully slow. Communication is monitored and again slow.

Once the plot to sabotage a rival is in motion, the book just zips along like a thriller, non-stop till the end.