Book Notes November 30, 2020

I’ve been working on my sidebar. There are lots of new author and book news and reviews sites added. Take a look!

Sometimes you just want to dive into a book and not come out. CrimeReads hears you. Their list of “14 Enormous Crime Books” features tomes from 500-900+ pages long. That should get you through the rest of 2020.

Dept of Aunt Agatha’s Favorite Covers:

Looking for some new science fiction or fantasy? io9 has some new books that look intriguing.

For more science fiction and fantasy, all of Tor’s upcoming books through February 2021.

From the Portalist, ten “hard fantasy books” Logic and reason reign in hard fantasy, and the genre is defined by impeccable worldbuilding and focus on detail. I’m not sure I agree that this exists, but the list of books is a good one.

From Euro Crime, the short list for the Petrona Awards, covering those Scandinavian mysteries you love.

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